CD Compiler Plus

Creating your own hand selected CD compilation has never been easier. Simply browse  through over 50 genres of music with exclusive titles in only found here. Once you are finished adding your favorite songs to your playlist, you can custom design your personalized cover art, or select from our collection of professionally designed covers.

Hard to Find Titles

Choose from thousands of exclusive and hard to find songs that you can’t find anywhere else.

100's of Designs

Start with a pre-designed template! Personalize our designs with a message, your name, or custom title.

Professional Compilation

Impress others with a high quality, high resolution audio CD that will sound brilliant for a lifetime.

Easy Online Ordering

Submit your order directly to us without the hassle. Once you process your payment, you’re all set!



Here are a few examples of how existing customers are ordering. If you have any questions about a custom quantity or large bulk order, drop us a line and we’ll make it happen!


$199 shipped
$199 shipped
  • 10 songs
  • 100 copies
  • Custom artwork on a 2-page spread
  • CD printed art
  • Custom back insert


$399 shipped
$399 shipped
  • 15 songs
  • 250 copies
  • Custom artwork on a 4-page spread
  • CD printed art
  • Custom back insert


$699 shipped
$699 shipped
  • 20 songs
  • 500 copies
  • Custom artwork on a 6-page spread
  • CD printed art
  • Custom back insert, with loose leaf insert


  • 20 songs
  • 1000 copies
  • Custom artwork on a 6-page spread
  • CD printed art
  • Custom back insert, with loose leaf insert



Enjoy quality features that give you the ability to add your name, a title, add and re-size images and photos, and much more. You can even download a rough draft before you make your purchase to show your friends or colleagues.

Highest Quality Audio

Experience the best quality on every track to ensure a quality sounding mix.

You're in Control

Select your tracks, art, and quantity. Easy as it gets, 1, 2, 3…

Premium Track Selection

Only the best tracks, seriously. Our tracklist is hand selected by our staff for perfection.

Easy Re-Order

Need a few more? No problem, easily re-order from your personal account screen.

Upload Your Own Design

Add any image file or photo to your cover art with our handy online designer.

Quality Assurance

Thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong…



Our customers appreciate a quality product, so we make sure to provide that to our best ability (and we seem to think we do a darn good job), so how about giving it a try with your first order.

I was very surprised at how fast the turnaround time was and how good the quality is. I honestly use my CD’s every evening in my classes, and everyone has a blast.

I found it fun to build my own compilation. I wanted some songs from different collections, so I saved some money by making the perfect remix album instead of buying a bunch. Thanks!

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